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Company Scholarships


A number of companies and organizations in the US are offering scholarships students pursuing higher education. Some of these companies take this initiative as a part of their corporate social responsibility, while others provide scholarships to potential candidates. Many of these scholarship programs focus on helping women, minorities and people with disabilities. 
Scholarships are a type of financial aid provided by institutions and bodies to help individuals pursue a career of choice by studying the apt qualification. They let such individuals fully focus on their goals and let the financial constraints stay aside. There are College and University Scholarships as well as Company Scholarship Programs. Some scholarships are for a mere semester, while others are for the full program. 
Company Scholarships
Many famous companies and corporations offer attractive company scholarships for their employees as well as for independent students. Such scholarships include:
GE Scholarship Program
Pfizer Scholarship and Financial Aid
Tylenol Scholarship and Financial Aid
The Henry Ford Academy Scholarship
Johnson & Johnson Promise of Nursing Scholarship
Adobe Multinational Scholarship Program
ExxonMobil Scholarship Programs
AT&T Labs Fellowship Program
Coca-Cola’s Johnston Legacy Scholars Program
These corporations and companies are renowned for providing some of the best and most competitive company scholarships, with the most flexible application process, that can be completed online as well as in person. Some applicants prefer the online application due to the time it saves and speedy process.
Earning scholarships is a great way to pay for college tuition and living expenses without having to constantly worry about money. Moreover, unlike many other forms of aid, scholarships do not have to be paid back. And of course, the large pool of company scholarships available is another huge plus. 

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