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There aren't many potential careers surrounded with more glamour and mystique than those involving the silver screen. Just about every kid has sat in a darkened theater and harbored a few thoughts of becoming a dashing leading man, an award-winning actress, or a legendary director. 
But turning your love of the movies into a career takes more than daydreams; you'll have plenty of hard work and serious learning to do, whether you're pursuing acting, filmmaking, or the business of show business. Fortunately, there's a plethora of scholarships out there that can help you take the first step to Hollywood. Most film-specific scholarships are designed for students who've already spent some time in college, so if you're a filmmaker, actor, or animator in high school, our advice is to cast your net as widely as possible and focus on lots of different activities and achievements for which you might earn scholarships.
However practical and fulfilling it may be, a film degree is still expensive. While federal aid and student loans can help you shoulder the burden of your film school bills, taking on too much debt can limit your post-graduation prospects and make it hard to get your film career off the ground. Luckily, there are a number of film scholarships to help you pay for school. You can read through the examples on this page to get an idea of some of the film scholarships available to film students. 
Some are academic scholarships specifically for film majors, while others are video contests open to everyone. Your college may offer some film scholarships specifically for majors and a variety of local and national awards like those given by AFI and the Screen Actors Guild. There are numerous other film scholarship opportunities out there, too, both based on your major and on other award criteria.

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