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Scholarships in Alabama

Are you looking for Scholarships in Alabama? College is just around the corner, you’ve planned all your good-byes and pretty much packed your whole life in a few 18″ x 18″ x 16″ boxes.

There’s one slight issue you may have overlooked in all this excitement – the thousands of dollars needed to fund your college education and lifestyle.You’re not the only one facing this hurdle. Thousands of student hopefuls are struggling to find a way to pay for their education.

Students who live in Alabama and/or are attending a college or university in Alabama have something playing in their favor. That is correct! The fact that you are living in or attending school in Alabama qualifies you for certain state-specific scholarships.

By browsing through Scholarships Authority’s database you can find a plethora of scholarships, among which are dedicated on for those pursuing their post-secondary education in Alabama. Below are a few scholarships in Alabama that we have gathered from the four corners of the online world.

For additional scholarships, awards, sweepstakes and grants that are based on state and other criteria, feel free to conduct a scholarship search at–your scholarship repository.

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