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Journalism Scholarships


As a journalism student, you can put your research and writing skills to good use by competing for scholarships that will allow you to minimize your student loan debt. You probably want to know what journalism scholarship opportunities are out there. There are a couple different varieties of journalism scholarships. Many function in a similar manner to other essay scholarships, simply asking you to write an essay about an issue facing your profession, to respond to an important news story or perhaps even to create a piece of broadcast or new media journalism as your entry into a video scholarship competition.
The other common type of journalism scholarship is a contest in which you submit a sample of work you have already completed, whether it is an unpublished journalism project for class or an actual piece of investigative reporting that has appeared in print, on television or online. Different journalism scholarships have different submission requirements, so be sure to read the scholarship information carefully before you complete your scholarship application. While many journalism scholarships do consider your general record of academic achievement, most will want to evaluate your professional abilities as well. 
Before you can apply for these awards, you'll need to create a portfolio that showcases your best work. When you're creating your portfolio, articles completed for your campus newspaper or published through a previous internship are preferable to projects done as class assignments. If an article in your portfolio was completed through a group effort, remember to include an explanation of your role in the project.
While your school's financial aid office is an excellent source of general scholarship information, don't forget to contact your departmental advisor about journalism scholarships that you may be eligible to receive. Your advisor will be able to tell you about scholarships offered by local journalism alumni in addition to the awards given by media companies who provide scholarships to their unpaid interns. 

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