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Scholarships and Grants: Kick Off Your Financial Aid Search Right

You need money for college, but where do you start? And how do you make any sense of all those confusing financial aid terms, like FAFSA, EFC and SAR? Don't lose heart and don't give up before you even begin your money search.

 What Types of Aid are Available?

There are hundreds of scholarships available in the form of private, public, and federal awards; however, it can sometimes be difficult to know what types to choose. A financial aid advisor can assist in choosing the best financial options for you from a scholarship database. For example, if you have made a difference by volunteering in your community, you could win several awards that include a volunteer work component. Some grants award funds to cover your housing and books—and some even cover the full cost of college tuition.

Stay Organized and On Track

While applying for scholarships, it is important to be precise and to pay close attention to details. Form errors have the potential to keep you from the financial assistance you need. Be sure to follow all instructions on the applications. Additionally, it is wise to have someone review your applications and essays prior to submission, as two sets of eyes are always better than one.

Due to the constant change in deadlines and amounts from one award to the next, it is important to continually research new scholarships and financial aid options. Deadlines for financial aid from your state, school, and private sources are usually earlier than those for federal aid. Make sure that you keep a log of each scholarship or grant that you apply for and highlight the deadline on your calendar.

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