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Nursing Scholarships


Over 2.6 million people work as registered nurses; there are a greater number of people employed as nurses than the number of people employed in any other profession. Approximately 60% of nurses work in hospitals around the country. In addition to hospitals, nurses work in doctor’s offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, on cruise ships, as a traveling nurse or the military. Attending college for nursing can pay off big time: According to government records, registered nursing is projected to be the second most popular new profession for students across the nation (as well as for those who bring their experience from abroad). 
And things are only getting better: Nursing employment is expected to increase at above-average rates until 2014 as the median age of nurses increases. Luckily for students interested in nursing, many organizations have created nursing scholarship opportunities aimed at helping students earn their degrees.
There are hospitals that cover portions of employee tuition and organizations like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration that award scholarships and grants galore and federal student financial aid programs aimed at assisting future nurses in completing their education. 
There is no shortage of financial aid available to nursing students.  The maximum annual scholarship is $5,000 and can only be applied towards tuition and fees. Colleges will determine the actual award amount when developing a scholar’s financial aid package. The amount of the scholarship may be affected by the level of other tuition specific grants and scholarships aid received by an applicant. 

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