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Bank of America Student Loans

Student loans are one of the many kinds of financial assistance that are available for aspiring college students. Other options include grants and scholarships. Unlike, grants and scholarships, applicants in student loans are required to return the amount that they borrow to meet the cost of their education and related expenses.

These loans are offered by government as well as a number of private institutes. The rate of interest and the amount one can avail through them varies by program. Banks also offer these loans to enable more and more students to benefit from higher education with ease.

About Bank of America Student Loans

Bank of America student loans was offered by Bank of America, which was one of the largest and the most prominent lenders within the U.S. However, due to the 2008 financial crisis, this bank no more offers loans for students. There are no chances for students to avail these loans now as it seems that these loan programs will not resume anytime in near future.

Other Options

Even though Bank of America student loans is no more available, they certainly made a great option for students in the past. Students could get loans to manage various education related expenses from this institute including tuition, travel, accommodation, learning material and more.

However, there is nothing to worry if Bank of America loans are not available as there are a number of other private lenders that offer student loans. Searching on the internet can help students come across a variety of options besides Bank of America student loan. They can look for loan programs such as Chase student loans, Citi Student loans in addition to SunTrust, or Sallie Mae.

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