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Citibank Student Loans

The days when a high school diploma was more than enough to land a great job at a major company are long gone. Today, most, if not all well-paying, respectable entry level jobs require a college degree. In addition to greatly improving your chances of obtaining a high paying job, a college education allows you to increase knowledge and skills in a particular field.

College is a great place to explore your interests, pursue your dreams and meet people from around the world. Simply put, a college education is an investment for a successful future. In the last decade or so, college tuition has gone up dramatically, with an average increase of 51 percent at four-year institutions. The economic downturn hasn’t helped either, and as these costs continue to rise, students – and parents – are looking for alternate ways to finance a college education.

Citibank student loans are one of the best options when it comes to paying for college. Citibank private student loans have a very low rate of interest when compared to other types of loans, are tax deductible, and have no application fees or prepayment penalties. You can use student loans Citibank at virtually any accredited college around the country. Repayment does not start until after you graduate, and in case you do not obtain suitable employment, payments can be deferred. Citibank private student loans include CitiAssist Loans which are offered to undergraduate students and cover all college costs.

These loans allow you to borrow up to $120,000 which can be paid back over a period of 15 years. CitiAssist loans for graduate students have a borrowing limit of $150,000 and a 20-year repayment time. The Citibank student loan for law students allows you to borrow up to $180,000 whereas a special loan is available for taking bar exams.

If you are enrolled in medicine, nursing, dentistry or other healthcare related field, you can apply for the Health Professions Loans which can be tailored to meet individual requirements and has a $275,000 limit. In order to apply for these loans, simply fill out a form online – if you qualify, approval can be obtained in as little as three minutes – it’s really that easy! All in all,Citibank student loans  are an excellent way to finance a college education and open the door to a bright and successful future.

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