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Doctoral Scholarships & Grants

For anyone considering the road of a doctoral program, one thing should always remain on the radar: scholarships will be needed to help fund the cost. Doctoral programs sit at the end of a long academic career as the next step for those who want to finalize their graduate academics into a bona fide research status.

They are also the key ingredient necessary for those who want to move into higher education teaching and potentially a professor position in academia. That said, doctoral programs are not cheap. Many require thousands of dollars to participate in, while at the same time they also require significant energy, time and effort.

This leaves little time for someone to also work and earn a paycheck. As a result, scholarships and related grants for doctoral students, as well as their research, provide critical lifelines to continue living while studying.


Within each doctoral program, specialties exist. As a result, many have the potential to generate a large amount of financial support as various private and public interests want to see advancement of research in a given specialty. Many universities also couple with government programs to farm out federal and state funds for research goals as well.

The grants and programs also see much of their administration within a particular school’s program. The program chair and professors end up being the decision-makers as to which doctoral candidates will receive specific program financial aid in the form of program scholarships. Again, the FAFSA application is necessary before any review can occur. Additionally, the doctoral student needs to be both accepted, enrolled, and actively working in a given school program for eligibility.


Governmental programs provide direct support to doctoral candidates in specific areas of study. These can range from social studies to health. For example, the federal government has a variety of agency-specific grants available both for study support and research ventures. The Housing and Urban Development Agency supports doctoral studies in housing and urban design improvement.

Students seeking support for related research work can find financial support from the federal agency as long as the benefits of the research are shared with the government in the form of reporting. HUD support can cover research, school costs, and living support if the student meets all the necessary requirements.

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