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Chela Student Loans

Student loans are financial aid programs that are designed to make the rising costs of higher education more affordable for all. Students can go for federal or private student loans. Federal student loans have a lower rate of interest compared to the private student loans. The private student loans are also called alternate loans.

They are offered by private lenders such as banks and have higher rate of interest. However, they make a great choice for those who exhaust all other financial aid and require additional amount to manage their educational expenses. Chela Student Loans are one of the most popular private student loans.

About Chela Student Loans

Chela Student Loans are offered by the Chela Education Financing, Inc. It is a prominent education financing company that offers federal, private, as well as consolidation loans. Founded in 1979, the company has a loan origination center in Arizona. It was previously called as California Higher Education Loan Authority, Inc. Being one of the leading student loan providers, getting Chela Student Loan has loads of benefits for the students. It has many discounts compared to other lenders. This is why students prefer to get Chela Student Loans to meet their cost of education.

Types of Chela Student Loans

Chela Education Financing offers federal loans such as Stafford Loan as well as the Parent and Graduate/Professional PLUS Loans. Students can also avail Chela's Golden State Bonus Benefits program which is meant for learners who are enrolled in an institute in California or students who are permanent residents of CA, but are enrolled somewhere else. Chela financial services for students also include private loans and loan consolidation programs to cater for the needs of students looking for different loan programs.

How to Apply for Chela Student Loans?

Students can apply for Chela Student Loans over the internet, phone or via mail. To apply for loans, they can use the online tools such as the expense calculators, loan wizard and more to find out which loan program can be most suitable for them.

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