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Why You Don’t Need The Best Grades To Get Grants

One of the most common misconceptions students have about education grants for college is that they must make the top grades in order to be awarded grant money. The truth of the matter is that many education grants are awarded to students for reasons other than their academic success.

Good grades will never hurt your chances of being awarded a grant or scholarship, but it’s not the only important factor anymore. The following are just a few of the other ways to find grant money to help you afford to attend college:

Make use of your talent – If you have a talent of any sort, chances are someone will give you a good education grant for it. While some of these grant programs require students to maintain a certain GPA, it’s almost always a completely manageable level and not a perfect 4.0. If you can play a sport, dance, sing, draw, or anything related to these or other hobbies, there are organizations and schools in the country waiting to award you grant money for your skills.

Write your way to a grant – Many scholarships and grants are awarded through essay competitions. They provide students with a topic to write about, and then judge the students’ essays on the subject matter. Many don’t have any minimum GPA or test score requirements, and instead award students thousands of dollars just for writing a creative or informative essay.

Look around your own neighborhood – Some education grant programs were created to serve a specific geographic area, or even one particular high school. Learn about the possible grant opportunities available through your high school before you enroll in college, and do some research to find out if there’s other local grants that are only awarded to students in the town, city, or state you live in.

Use your chosen program of study – There are numerous scholarships and grants available to students in one particular program of study. No matter what area you’re planning to pursue a degree in, there is likely a company, organization, or school ready to award you for pursuing a degree in the field you’re most interested in. Everything from math to science to art to English majors and more are eligible for at least a few grants of this kind.

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