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Harvard Financial Aid

Harvard University is a private Ivy League University. The university is the oldest educational institute in the country. The university is research based and offers numerous degree programs for graduates and undergraduates. The admission criteria at Harvard University require talent and academic achievements.

Students from all backgrounds can apply for programs here without worrying about tuition costs. Harvard University provides financial assistance through its customized Harvard financial aid programs. The aid programs comprise of various loans, grants, scholarships, and students employment programs. Most of these programs are need based and are funded by the federal government. The loans offered here have a low interest rate and are specifically designed to cover tuition costs and other educational costs.

On the other hand, Harvard University also offers institutional grants and scholarships. To apply for aid students are required to fill out a FAFSA form online at Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University is one of the Ivy League member research universities.

The university was established in 1636 and is the oldest higher education institute in the country. Due to the history, the alumni and the recognition of Harvard, thousands of students apply for a degree program at the university. To help students pay for their education with ease, the Harvard financial aid office accepts major federal and private student loans. There are also various scholarships and grants available at the financial aid office.

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