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Checklist for College Applications

Different colleges have different application materials, but there are some basic staples that are a part of most college applications.most college applications.

The Application Form and Application Supplements

To see what sort of application is used, you should contact a school's Admissions Office, or look at the college or university's website. The common application is required by some schools, other schools may have a separate, school-specific application. For schools that use the Common Application or some other standard, generalized application form, it is important to check if there is also an application supplement that schools like students to fill out. Usually, these supplemental forms have questions like, "Why are you applying to (name of school)?"

Academic Information for the Application

Depending on a student's level of education, just about every school will request that applicants submit a high school transcript, GED transcript, and/or college transcript. Standardized test scores are not required by every school,but those that do require students to take the SAT or ACT often look at the highest combined score. This is why it is important to have all scores sent to a school;

Personal Information to Send to Universities

Though not every school requires an essayand/or letters of recommendation, just about all of them will strongly encourage students to submit this information to supplement the application. College admissions officers especially like to read essays and letters if they are on the fence about admitting a student; a great letter from a teacher or a phenomenal personal essay may just be what earns a student a spot in the "Accept" pile. Students should research each school they plan to apply to in order to find out 1) whether an essay and recommendations are required, and 2) how many are needed to complete the application.

Other Application Materials

A resume or list of extracurricular activities, Any association with community service, sports, programs or other activities should be described, as well as your role and the duration you participated.

Knowing the basics of submitting a college application can make the whole process of applying less stressful, and more successful.

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