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Q: How can I be safe on campus?

Basic Safety Tips

Know your security options. Make sure you are aware of any past incidents on campus, know where your emergency call buttons or emergency phones are on campus, and know the number to the campus police. Never travel alone past sunset. At parties, never leave your drink out of your sight. You never know what someone could put in it when you're not looking.

Get to Know Your Resident Assistant

Knowing your resident assistant is a must if you're living in a dorm. They are your student advisors to campus life, and can give you great insight on classes and professors, as well as good help and intervention with troublesome roommates.

Safety First

Keep in mind that on many campuses there is information is available to students about practicing safe sex. There are pamphlets, seminars, health screenings and free condoms in student health services. Make sure that you keep yourself aware of the dangers out there.

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