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Q:What are some resources available to students?

Use Your Resources Well

Explore the world of student services. If you're having trouble in class, visit your professor in his/her office during office hours or make an appointment. If your professor gives you more pain than help, visit your academic advisor and let them know.

Most schools will have other services that will be of great assistance to you. Many institutions have career development centers, free counseling services, scholarship information, tutoring, and other services. Take advantage of all the resources you have, and get to know them well.

Free School Supplies?

Be sure to take advantage of the resources on campus that offer free school supplies. The library usually has a stapler, hole puncher, paper clips, computer disks, etc. You can also get free pencils and pens from clubs, organizations, Student Government, etc.

Stressed: Talk to Someone

College can be a very stressful time in a student's life. Most campuses have a student counseling center where you can talk about the stresses of college life. Counseling centers help students deal with issues they have with drinking, illegal drug use, eating disorders, and stress, to name a few.

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